Up in the AirBNB

The Horsfall House in the afternoon sun— The Doors sang, “People are strange, when you’re a stranger.” But since we put our country house on AirBNB, the people we’ve met have been anything but strange. AirBNB is to lodging what Uber is to cars for hire. As of early January of 2015, it had booked more than 25 million reservations in 92 countries. Our vacation home is in the insanely beautiful Cascade Mountain area of Washington State. We hadn’t been using it very much because of the work we were doing on our new retail store, Alki Surf Shop, in West Seattle. So we thought it made sense to let other people take advantage of it. The listing was begun in 2013, but wasn’t activated it until last

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I’m proud to participate as brand influencer for Verizon, which randomly and coincidentally is the only mobile service that seems to work at The Horsfall House. My posts are about my own personal experiences. No compensation is provided, nor are favorable comments promised. All opinions are my own.



Images © 2016 by Terri Nakamura, Scott Horsfall, Dave & Keela Robison; Royalty-free Music courtesy of FMA

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