Racing Bigfoot in the Shadow of Mt St. Helens

Imagine running a 200+ mile race in four days, over impossible terrain, with only six hours of sleep. Some of us think our jobs feel like that! But in fact, this is exactly what Joe Galioto did, along with 58 other athletes who completed the Bigfoot 200, an extreme endurance run that traversed Mount St. Helens in Washington State. When Susan Galioto inquired about our AirBNB property in Lewis County, Washington, it was a head scratcher. Based in New Jersey, she wanted to reserve the house for nine days, but for about half the time, it would be empty. She then told me the reason: her husband was coming to participate in The Bigfoot 200, and for the duration of the race, he would be on or near

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I’m proud to participate as brand influencer for Verizon, which randomly and coincidentally is the only mobile service that seems to work at The Horsfall House. My posts are about my own personal experiences. No compensation is provided, nor are favorable comments promised. All opinions are my own.



Images © 2016 by Terri Nakamura, Scott Horsfall, Dave & Keela Robison; Royalty-free Music courtesy of FMA

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